Angel Hugs Stitch Sampler

Here are some stitch samples in knit and crochet. Please feel free to use them for your own PERSONAL use. Either print out each page or highlight and save them using your word processor to keep them on your computer. Please do not use these samples or pictures on any other site without permission. Thank you.


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Knit Samples


Moss Stitch Divided Boxes Lace and Fans Verticle Weave
Six Stitch Cable Snowflakes Cluster Rib Trinity Stitch
Horseshoe Print Diamond Lace Saxon Braid Ladder Stitch
Ribbed Cables Wheatear Twisted Cables Cloverleaf
Goblets Little Fountain Little Shells Five Cables
Tight Braid Cable Polperro Northcott Waffle Stitch Textured Stripes
Stockinette Stitch Zigzag Eyelet Eightsome Twisted Stockinette
Woven Basket Chain Link Cherry Sloping Cherry
Alternating Mullion Reversed Mullion Alternating Rib Rush Mat Rib
Double Rib English Rib Alternating English Rib Mock English Rib
Wide Rib Sloping Rib Wavey Rib Twisted Rib
Reversed Rib Single Rib Sylvia's Rib Diagonal Rib
Broad & Narrow Rib Basket Weave Windows Gaston's
Moss Double Moss Grill Large Chain
Lozenge Honeycomb Olive Wavy
Small Mesh Ridged Diamond Diagonal Embossed
Crossed Segments Horizontal Segments Smocking Rush Matting
Large Rush Matting Woven 1 Woven 2 Woven Rib
Turban Twisted Cable Alternating Cable Open Cable
3 Stitch Cable Plaited Cable Single Cable Small Cable
Triangle Sloping Tunisian Horizontal Tunisian Zara's
Vertical Openwork 1 Vertical Openwork 2 Tree Wing
Horizontal Zig Zag Vertical Zig Zag Harebell Open Mullion
Shell Rib with Alternating Florets Openwork Rib Fancy 1
Fancy 2 Fancy 3 Fancy 4 Fancy 5
Fancy 6 Butterfly Mock Polkadot Open Flowery
Leaf 1 Leaf 2 Leaf 3  


Crochet Samples


Cross Stitch Post Stitch Popcorn Stitch Blocks Stitch
Diamond Stitch Slip Stitch Spider Stitch Snapdragon Stitch


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