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How Do I Use These Pattern Stitches?

Using a pattern stitch to design your own project is easier than you might think. Simply Make A Sample Swatch of your favorite pattern stitch, Determine The Gauge of the swatch, then follow two simple equations to plan your project.

As an example, let's imagine you want to make a scarf that will be 8" wide X 45" long.

1. Make A Swatch. Once you've selected a pattern stitch, choose a yarn you like and use the recommended needle size given on the label. Read the section explaining Multiples (see below), then cast on enough stitches to make a 4" or larger swatch. Knit until the swatch is square.

2. Determine The Gauge. If you like your pattern stitch swatch, it's time to measure the gauge. Lay the swatch, wrong side up, on a flat, smooth surface. Measure the number of stitches per inch to determine the Stitch Gauge. Measure the number of rows per inch to determine the Row Gauge.

Stitch Gauge = __ stitches per inch
Row Gauge = __ rows per inch

For the scarf example, let's say the gauge of your sample swatch is:

Stitch Gauge = 4 1/2 Stitches per inch
Row Gauge = 6 Rows per inch

3.Plan The Project. To plan your project, you only need four magic numbers, two simple equations, and a calculator.

The 4 Magic Numbers

- Desired width of finished project: ___" wide
- Desired length of finished project: ___" long
- Stitch Gauge of swatch: ___ stitches per inch
- Row Gauge of swatch: ___ rows per inch

Equation #1: How Many Stitches To Cast On
(Width of Finished Project) X (Stitch Gauge of swatch) = (Number of Stiches to Cast On)

Important: You may have to slightly adjust the number of cast on stitches to match the multiple of your pattern stitch.

Equation #2: How Many Rows To Knit
(Length of finished project) X (Row Gauge of swatch)= (Number of Rows to Knit)

Important: you may also work to a specified length - just be sure to finish the row repeat.

Example of Scarf Measurement
Equation #1: How Many Stitches To Cast On
8"(width of finished project) X 4 1/2 (stitch gauge of swatch)
= 36 (number of stitches to cast on)

Equation #2: How Many Rows To Knit

45"(length of finished project) X 6(Row Gauge of swatch)
= 270 (Number of Rows to Knit)

- To make an 8" wide X 45" long scarf in your selected pattern stitch, you'll need to cast on 36 stitches and knit 270 rows.

That's all there is to it!


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