Angel Hugs Mission Statement

Our mission is:  To knit and crochet for children, teens and adults facing life threatening illness, trauma and abuse. Thinking  about becoming a member? Read through these FAQ and see if it answers any questions you may have.

What volunteer work will I be doing?
You would be knitting and/or crocheting  for the different organizations we donate to like hospitals, women’s shelters, teen mothers, etc. You may choose to make large or small items.

May I see a written job description for my volunteer work?
Every new member will receive a starter package which tells you about our organization.

What is the required time commitment of the volunteer position?
There is no commitment upon joining. It is left up to the each member.

How will my volunteer work help fulfill your organization’s mission?
By helping us supply the items that are needed.

What skills will I be able to use/develop?
Your social skills and knitting/crocheting.

Do I have a trial period?
There is no trial period for each member.

Who is my supervisor?
Any of our executive members will be able to give you direction and answer your questions.

What kind of environment (i.e. formal, hectic, even-paced) will I be working in at in your organization?
It would be an informal environment at our meetings which are once a month. Otherwise you will be working doing knitting or crocheting from home.

Will my out-of-pocket expenses be reimbursed?
We are unable to reimburse your out of pocket expenses.

How is your organization funded?
We are a non-profit charity. We run totally on donations financially and materially.

How many volunteers are involved in this organization?
Our membership varies in size. In the past we have had approx. 60 to 100 members.

Does the volunteer position require a background check on me?

When can I start?