An Angel Hugs Volunteer is someone who:

Used to have a little time to spare, saw something that needed to be done and couldn’t persuade her conscience to let someone else do it!

Knows that what she is doing makes a difference to a lonely frightened child, a woman restarting her life, a newborn baby who needs warmth, a homeless person struggling to survive, and comfort to parents grieving over the loss of a stillborn or full term baby!

An Angel Hugs volunteer gives to fill an inner need, the need to make a difference in her community!

She/he sees the beauty in the budding personality of a child and wants to preserve and enhance it as it comes to full bloom!

An Angel Hugs volunteer is willing to give of her time, patience, and herself to leave the world better than she found it!

She/he is the living fulfillment of the phrase “to help where I am needed”!

An Angel Hugs volunteer is willing to light a candle rather than curse the darkness!

An Angel Hugs volunteer knows that there’s a hug in every stitch and a loving thought or prayer in each item she makes!

An Angel Hugs volunteer is an earthly angel doing heavenly work for those facing trauma, crisis, and illness!

She/he is a pearl of high cost, a treasure beyond measure!

By Melody A – Founder of Angel Hugs

Please do not use this on other websites without written permission