"Preemie" Baby Hat Patterns

For NICU premature babies

From Frugal Knitting Haus Free Patterns

Patterns shared with us by a knitter that donates her work to a very worthy cause. These hats are used in an intensive care unit for premature babies in a hospital in Maine.

Both patterns use 4 ply orlon knitting worsted yarn. Please use a good grade of yarn. Please do not use wool or nylon yarn as the caps must be sterilized before use.


4 Needle Version

Uses a small amount of worsted yarn and size 3 1/2 mm double pointed needles.

Cast on 54 sts.
Divide onto 3 needles (18 st. each)
K 1, P 1, for 5 rows.

Change to straight knitting. Knit even for 3 inches (piece should be measured from end of hat).

Next row on each needle: K 1, K 2 together. Knit to within last 3 sts. on needle, slip st., K 1, PSSO, K 1.

Next row, knit around.

Repeat these 2 rows until 12 st. remain. K 2 together across.
Knit around once, break yarn and sew top.
Top with small pom pom.


2 Needle Version

Uses a small amount of knitting worsted yarn and size 3 1/2 mm needles.

Cast on 54 sts., K 1, P 1, for one inch.

Change to stockinette for 2 inches.

For crown:
Row 1 - K 16, P 2 together
Row 2 - K 1, P 16
Row 3 - K 15, P 2together
Row 4 - K 1, P 15

Continue with this pattern until 30 sts. remain.

K 2 together across, break yarn, leaving an end. Slip onto large yarn needle, pull tight and sew up side.

Top with pom pon.

These hats could easily be made to fit a little girl's doll, as well.




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