Garter Stitch Hat

(By Debbie Hudson, Feb. 1996)

- Small preemie (SP)
- Full-term (FT)

- (SP): 8 stitches per inch
- (FT): 6 stitches per inch

- (SP): Baby fingering
- (FT): Sport weight yarn
- (SP): 2 or 2 3/4 mm needles
- (FT): 2 1/2 or 3 1/4 mm needles

Note: First set of numbers are for SP, using finer yarn; FT numbers are in parenthesis, using sport weight yarn.

For medium-large preemies, use the numbers in parenthesis with the finer yarn.

For large to X-large preemies, use the first set of numbers with the sport yarn.

In both cases, remember to make appropriate adjustments for length.

Cast on 50(62) sts.

Work 1.5 (2.5) inches in garter stitch. On wrong side,purl one row for turning ridge.
Change to smaller needles and work 1 (2) inches in ribbing, as follows:

Row 1: K2, (K2, P2)* across, end K4
Row 2: (K2,P2)* across, end K2

Change to larger needles and work in garter stitch for 2.5 (3.5) inches.
(For larger sizes only: decrease 2 sts evenly spaced in first row of this garter stitch section, (60sts)

At end of garter stitch section, begin decreases:
Larger size only: (K4, K2tog)* across Knit all sts

Continue for all sizes:
(K3, K2tog)* across
Knit all sts
(K2tog)* across
Knit all sts.
(K2, K2tog)* across

Gather remaining stitches. Sew flat seam; turn-up cuff. Attach pompom or bow.


Preemie Knitted Booties

Supplies: - 3 1/2 mm needle, Baby yarn

Cast on 38 stitches

Knit 11 rows (almost 1") in garter stitch (knit all rows)

Row 12-- K 17, K2 tog, K2 tog, knit 17 stitches.

Row 13-- P 16, P2 tog, P2 tog, purl 16 stitches.

Row 14-- K 15, K2 tog, K2 tog, knit 15 stitches.

Row 15-- P 14, P2 tog, P2 tog, purl 14 stitches.

Row 16-- K 13, K2 tog, K2 tog, knit 13 stitches.

Row 17-- Knit entire row

Row 18-- K 1 (put yarn over needle), k2 tog, repeat to end of row

Row 19-- Knit entire row.

Row 20-- K 1, increase in next stitch, knit next 3, repeat.

Row 21-- Knit entire row.

Row 22/23/24--K1, P1 across.

Cast off in stockinette loosely. Sew bootie together
Cut 1/8" to 1/4" ribbon to 9" length. Weave through holes to tie bootie onto the ankle.




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