Basic Knit Hat

Use 4 ply washable yarn and size 6 needles. Cast on the appropriate number of stitches for the size you want to knit. Rib in k1, p1 for 1". In stockinette, knit to the size needed.

CHILD SIZE: Cast on 74 stitches1" ribbing (k1,p1) 6" to 6.5" stockinette Total length = 7" to 7.5"

FULL TERM: Cast on 66 stitches1" ribbing (k1,p1) 5" to 5.5" stockinette Total length = 6" to 6.5"

X-Lrg. Preemie: cast on 58 stitches1" ribbing (k1,p1) 4.5" stockinette Total length = 5" to 5.5"

Lrg. Preemie: cast on 50 stitches1" ribbing (k1,p1) 3/5" to 4"stockinette Total length = 4.5" to 5"

Med. Preemie:cast on 44 stitches1" ribbing (k1,p1) 3" to 3.5" stockinette Total length = 4" to 4.5"

Sm. Preemie: cast on 40 stitches1" ribbing (k1,p1) 2.5" to 3" stockinette Total length = 3.5" to 4"

X-Sm. Preemie: cast on 36 stitches1" ribbing (k1,p1) 2.5" stockinette Total length = 3.5"

After knitting the piece to the approximate dimensions, draw all stitches together tightly at the top by weaving yarn through all the stitches on the needle. Knot securely. Weave the seam together using yarn.

Optional: Make a pom pom or bow for the top.



Knitted Booties

Use size 3 3/4 mm needles. Cast on 22 stitches.

Knit each row until 15 ridges or 2.75". Decrease k2 tog across (11 stitches remain) Thread on yarn needle, pull tight forming toe (no hole).

Sew top together making a ridge 1" long, fasten off. Sew up back, fasten off.

Crochet a tight chain 10" long, tie a knot in one end, lace into bootie w/yarn needle. Lace over two ridges, under two ridges, around. Tie knot on other end, trim yarn leaving one-half inch on each end.Tie bow.

Optional: make a pom pom for the toe.




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