Cesar's Blankie

Pattern courtesty of "Yarn Lover's Room"



  • Size "H" aluminum crochet hook
  • Paton 100% orlon in 6 colors, approximately 8 balls of each stripe color and 2 balls of border color.

I used Purple for Border, then one pattern of each color as follows: Denim blue Medium Grey, White, Navy blue, Claret, Navy blue, White, and Medium Grey. Using first color, make foundation chain of desired length: an odd number of sts. My foundation chain was the desired finished width and therefore my stripes were horizontal, but you may make the foundation chain the desired finished length if you want vertical stripes.

PATTERN: 1st Row: Sc in 1st; *yo as for dc; yo and draw through first loop on hook; yo and draw through two loops; yo and draw through last two loops tog dc made; sc in next st; repeat Pattern to end; sc in last st; ch 2 turn.

2nd Row: sc in every st across. Break off color, leaving 6" end to weave in later. Work until desired length. Make two sets of pattern in each color for wider stripes.

BORDER: Attach Border Color at any point except corner, and sc around, making 3 sc in each corner. Join with sl st; chain 1. Make 2 rows Pattern or sc for six rows at each end. Break off, leaving 6" inch end to weave in later.

ALTERNATE BORDER: Attach Border Color at one short end, and sc for 6 rows. Break off, leaving 6" yarn to weave in later. Make two Borders, and fringe or not as you wish.

FINISHING: Weave in loose yarn ends. Block to required size.




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