Crocheted Baby Bonnet

Pattern courtesty of "Yarn Lover's Room"

Very easy to make. It takes just a couple of hours.



  • Knitting worsted weight yarn; about 3 oz.
  • Size I crochet hook

Chain 47

Pattern Stitch: sc 1 in each of the next 2. Dc in each of the next 2. Work to the end. Ch 1 turn at the end of each row. Work pattern for 16 rows.

Work sc over dc and dc sc. Slip 18.

Work pattern on the center 14 sts.

Work until it measures the same as the sides. It will be shaped like a T. Sew the side seams. Fold back the front rim.

Work a row of picot on the edge as follows: Chain 3, in the first st. of the chain3 work sc. Skip 1 anchor with a slip st. chain 3 work 1 sc in the first st. of the chain 3.

Continue to the end. Around the neck edge work 1 sc ch1 turn. Work 1 sc in each sc.

On the third row work 2 sc ch1 skip 1 , * work 3 sc, skip 1 to the end. End with 2 sc.

Next row: work 1 sc in each sc and skipped space.

Next row: work 1 sc in each sc. Finish off.

Make a tie: Chain about 8 inches. (longer or shorter as desired ) Work 1 slip st. in each. Fasten off. Thread the tie through the spaces on the neck edge. You can also use a length of ribbon.




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